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Build Your Business

A Rob’s Rib Shots Business is Your Business!

Rob’s Rib Shots constantly receives inquiries from folks just like you from all over the country. The Most common questions is, “Does Rob’s Rib Shots control my business operation?”, The Answer is: NO.

Rob’s Rib Shots is NOT a “Franchise” and we do not control pricing or locations. As a Rob’s Rib Shots Reseller you will never have to pay any franchise fees or royalties. The only requirement is that you must use our Branded and Approved Products if you wish to resell authentic Rob’s Rib Shots. Display Signage with our trademarked photos and logos will be supplied by Rob’s Rib Shots or an Approved Vendor.

Rob’s Rib Shots…. You Can Do It!

Rob’s Rib Shots has no control in how you run your business.

  • If you want to sell Rob’s Rib Shots as part of your Catering Business… you can do it!
  • If you want to sell Rob’s Rib Shots from your Event Pop-Up Tent or Booth… you can do it!
  • If you want to sell Rob’s Rib Shots from your Stadium Concession Stand… you can do it!
  • If you want to sell Rob’s Rib Shots from your Food Truck or Trailer… you can do it!
  • If you want to sell Rob’s Rib Shots from your Restaurant, Diner, Bar or Lounge… you can do it!
  • If you want to sell Rob’s Rib Shots from your Drive Thru or Walk Up Window… you can do it!
  • If you want to sell Rob’s Rib Shots from your Mall Food Court… you can do it!

To Get Started Call our Director of Operation: Christopher Sciullo (412) 475-9313

There are no limitations to what you can do.  This is your own business. You can conduct it any way you wish! If you are looking for help or suggestions along the way we will provide them to you at absolutely no charge.

Rob’s Rib Shots is Looking for Regional Developer

Regional Developer is an individual or group that secures the rights to a specific area or niche market, with the sole intent and purpose to develop a Rob’s Rib Shots Presence. A Regional Developer will be responsible for recruiting qualified personnel, provide ongoing support and training.

Our Regional Developer works with Rob’s Rib Shots to build a presence for Rob’s Rib Shots in their area. Developers enjoy volume discounts on Rob’s Rib Shots© branded products in exchange for building our brand successfully in their territory.

An Regional Development Agreement is attractive to an individual or company looking for a Concept and Brand that has the potential to become a major player in the QSR Market Segment. Our Regional Developers, who can bring strong management experience, organizational skills, proven track record and a true heart for customer service can experience explosive growth.

“I was at a Classic Car Show Event when the owner of a Strip Mall approached me about taking over his 19 Snack Bar located in his Strip Malls. This Developers Agreement allows me to build slowly, at the same time Rob’s Rib Shots protects my efforts by vetting any new customers wanting to become a Rob’s Rib Shots location in my Territory…. Thanks Guys”

Rob’s Rib Shots, a Navy Veteran Owned Company, is focusing it’s growth using the inclusive Regional Development Model.

We would prefer to craft a deal with one owner operator, who has express interest in operating more than just their current singular location. Since each location is different, Rob’s Rib Shots is rewarding our current Customers with the freedom to developers their own network of Resellers. Each Developer will develop, recruit and support his or her locations directly.

Tapping into the familiarity and personal experiences of a region, our Regional Developers can more easily navigate the local, state and federal guidelines when opening a new Rob Rib Shots business in their area. This will also allow the Developers to Expand the functions of their Commissary.

Having the right Rob’s Rib Shots Regional Developer, in place, can greatly accelerate the growth of Rob’s Rib Shots Locations in any geographical area or niche market.

The Benefits of Becoming a Rob’s Rib Shots Developer

  • Product Discounts and Exclusives: Enjoy Huge Volume Discounts and access to Exclusive Product Offering. All Resellers in your network will purchase product directly from you where you will make a profit. Our new ordering system makes it easy for you to control your inventory.
  • Protected Territory or Region:  You can feel secure when building your Rob’s Rib Shots Empire. All product inquiries, in your protected Territory or Region, will be channeled directly to you. It is up to your discretion to include or deny them inclusion in your Network.
  • Niche Market Exclusivity: Rob’s Rib Shots appreciates the time and effort that our Resellers use when landing new clients, that have the potential to grow into multiple-locations. Our Developers Agreement fully protects you from other Rib Shot Resellers, unaware of your efforts and hard work.

If you are interested in becoming a Rob’s Rib Shots Regional Developer please feel free to contact Christopher Sciullo, our Operations Manager at (412) 475-9313 or Email:

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